# Tutorials

This is a guide to many pandas tutorials, geared mainly for new users.

# Internal Guides

pandas’ own 10 Minutes to pandas (opens new window).

More complex recipes are in the Cookbook (opens new window).

A handy pandas cheat sheet (opens new window).

# Community Guides

# pandas Cookbook by Julia Evans

The goal of this 2015 cookbook (by Julia Evans (opens new window)) is to give you some concrete examples for getting started with pandas. These are examples with real-world data, and all the bugs and weirdness that entails. For the table of contents, see the pandas-cookbook GitHub repository (opens new window).

# Learn Pandas by Hernan Rojas

A set of lesson for new pandas users: https://bitbucket.org/hrojas/learn-pandas (opens new window)

# Practical data analysis with Python

This guide (opens new window) is an introduction to the data analysis process using the Python data ecosystem and an interesting open dataset. There are four sections covering selected topics as munging data (opens new window), aggregating data (opens new window), visualizing data (opens new window) and time series (opens new window).

# Exercises for new users

Practice your skills with real data sets and exercises. For more resources, please visit the main repository (opens new window).

# Modern pandas

Tutorial series written in 2016 by Tom Augspurger (opens new window). The source may be found in the GitHub repository TomAugspurger/effective-pandas (opens new window).

# Excel charts with pandas, vincent and xlsxwriter

# Video Tutorials

# Various Tutorials