Pandas, Python Data Analysis Library.

What is pandas?

Pandas is a powerful tool set for analyzing structured data; it is based on Numpy (which provides high-performance matrix operations); it is used for data mining and data analysis, as well as data cleaning capabilities.

Feature: DataFrame

DataFrame is a tabular data structure in Pandas, which contains a set of ordered columns, each of which can be a different value type (value, string, Boolean, etc.), DataFrame has both row index and column index, and can be regarded as a dictionary made up of Series.

Feature: Series

It is an object similar to a one-dimensional array, consisting of a set of data (various NumPy data types) and a set of related data tags (that is, indexes). Simple Series objects can also be generated from a single set of data.

# As Easy as 1, 2, 3

# 1. Installation package
$ pip install pandas

# 2. Enter the interactive interface of python
$ python -i

# 3. Using Pandas
>>> import pandas as pd
>>> df = pd.DataFrame() 
>>> print(df)

# 4. Output result
Empty DataFrame
Columns: []
Index: []

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